Dear MTV...remember when you were on cable and you showed music videos almost exclusively? and those videos were creative and new and pushing the limits of what was being done with that format in music? remember that? that was awesome...can you please go back to that? i know a lot of people like the Hills, but i don't see you how got there with the name MUSIC TeleVision...

I was always so happy to see this A HA video come on...when the guy walks THROUGH the drawing and became real, i was mesmerized. plus it helped that he was cute. i would sit like two feet in front of the television and wonder how they made it.


ibestace said...

i'll have you know that this is the VERY first video that i ever watched. brings me back to my awkward youth instantly... love it.

徵信 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.