ShopBop Makes It Simple

Hello ShopBop...I remember when i used to look at your lookbooks all the time - you always gave me such great inspiration for ways to put clothes together. but then i got tired of not being able to afford all the things i saw that i liked so i gave you up. BUT, i discovered this little nugget and thought that maybe we could be friends again. maybe. Mostly because the clothes that you put together pretty much embody my going to work outfit, tight rolled up jeans, plaid shirts and scarves - although i don't own anything black really. i am in love with the Frye boots you picked, my steve maddens are similar but noooooooot quite as impressive as those lovelies. i also like that you are showcasing how many outfits you can make from a small collection of pieces since that is pretty much everyone's issue - how to get some variation from what you have in your closet and not get called out for wearing the same thing all the time and fall into the trap of being (or just feeling) BORING.

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