Pet Rocks

Hello Rocks...is it weird to have favorite rocks? Because I sincerely love the both of you. Forgive the awful photography, apparently you are my most lovely rocks but are not the most photogenic. At least not on my cell phone while i am trying to hurry so as not to be seen taking photos of rocks at my desk. Oh Whale Rock...You are lovely because my friend Annabelle painted you. Or her sister Elise, they weren't exactly positive. You make me smile every time i see you on my desk - because you have a big smeared lipstick smile and because of your tail. I think you may be the only whale who can fold up their tail like that.

You are amazing heart rock because you are so perfectly a heart...i love collecting things in the shape of hearts and you most definitely fall into that category. And i love you because my friend Tessa saw you and thought that i would love to have you and that made me feel good. It always makes you feel good to know someone was thinking of you while you were not with them. So not only are you pretty (although in this photo, i am not going to lie, you look not unlike some dog poop) but you remind me of my friend who i miss all the time. thank you heart rock.

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