Oh Abercrombie

Hello Abercrombie + Fitch...my dad remembers when you sold highend ties and dress shirts for men - WHAT HAPPENED? now you are known for teeny tiny shrunken clothes, stores full of deafening techno music and cheap cologne that no woman under 25 ventures to enter and your close to being x-rated catalogs...the last time i think i walked into one i was shopping for my step-sister, walked in and walked out three seconds later deciding i would just buy her a book instead. but i have to say, these sweaters look pretty cool...i like the preppy winter on the east coast look, although $160, really? for something that appears to not have bothered with full length sleeves even though its a SWEATER, for when it's COLD...thats not exactly making me want to brave trying to flag down a teenager who hates their job and try one on...

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