The Rachel Zoe Project

How can you not be sucked into a show where Rachel Zoe would love to pull Chanel out of her vagina because that would mean that she got to carry it for 9 months and that Karl would be the father. Where Brad's dog has a pacemaker, where Taylor again doesn't take off her Raybans for more than 5 minutes and complains about her job, and Rachel wears a Louis Vuitton jacket people would commit murder to own. I loved every minute of it. Even in a living room filled with termites, i had to sit down (on the very edge of a sterilized coffee table) and watch the whole thing. Taylor's style makes me yell out loud at the tv because i love it so much - the black mini with pockets, the black and white loose romper...always shades of black and white with accents of color and magnificent layers of jewelry. and she can actually rock the raybans without looking like she is TRYING to rock the raybans. I am still confused about what Brad actually does besides aggravate Taylor, giggle with Rachel and turn bright red when all excited that Ashton is on the phone. Rachel loses her s**t when she has to act for ashton's (why was he all over this show?) animated internet show...reality tv may be scripted but there is no way to fake turning bright red, getting flustered and glassy eyed and on the edge of a panic attack because she is such an extreme perfectionist and she had no idea what she was doing. her forehead almost moved it was that upsetting for her. it was almost too painful to watch. almost. Then she gets sick (but still make sure her jeans look good) and taylor tucks her into her missoni laden bed that looks like it has NEVER actually been slept in under a white fur and everyone talks about what would happen if she died. LOVED IT. Every minute.

And how come so many people are obsessed with her and yet you can't find any good photos of her anywhere...hmmmm...

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caroline joy said...

I die for RZ. Buh-nanas! :) Love your blog!