I have loved these swedish hasbeens forever but they always seemed like they were a little bit of leather and a little bit of wood for a lot of money. I like the seventies vibe they give off and their simple beauty...and then today i came across this photo on popsugar of Carrie in Sex and the City 2 (please let it be a good movie, why can't the movie industry ever leave well enough alone!) wearing a tan pair of the peep tow super high ( i love that they call THAT super high)...she makes them look amazing!

The funny thing is that they cost so much and come with this list of details on the shoe - if everything came with this detailed of a list with all the things that could go/be wrong with them you would never buy anything!

The nail in the ankle strap can tear if the buckle isn’t opened when taking on or off the shoe.
The leather may have insect bites or tears.
The leather may vary in color and thickness.
The leather is hard in the beginning but will soften and stretch with wear.
The natural colored leather is totally untreated and very sensitive to moisture and dirt. (It can be treated with a small amount of natural olive oil to make it more resistant and for a darker tone.)
The natural colored leather WILL darken with time.
The colored leather (for example black) can rub off on items.
The wood may chip if you should knock into something.
The wood may vary in color and there may be twigs in the wood.
The rubber soles can wear down and even come loose from the wood after frequent use. The rubber sole can easily be replaced at your local shoe repair shop.
The color on the rubber sole on the painted wooden sole will disappear almost immediately upon use.
The color on the wooden sole will wear off with time.
The shoes will not last long if you use them in dirt and moisture since they are made of natural materials.

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