my new obsession - meet the sweet candy colored Yamaha Razz...i am NOT a motorcycle person whatsoever. i hate them, i have scars from attempts to drive them and think them incredibly unsafe and scary. BUT this guy is sweet and harmless and barely goes 30 mph which is PERFECT for trips to the other end of the beach and the grocery store where i live. i seriously might have to start a savings account to get one, and they aren't even that expensive - it just seems to be a matter of is what i have found on them:

"The Yamaha razz scooters are among the most economical type of scooters in the line up and deliver well over 100 miles per gallon. These Yamaha scooters are also among the toughest type of scooters that can be found anywhere. They are made of tough quality materials such as chrome, titanium and carbon fiber in order to help them perform well in tough conditions and environments. These Yamaha razz scooters are also fast and can give a lot of comfort to its user. They are also easy to use. Maintenance of such bikes or scooters also cost fewer than what you would expect from motorcycle maintenance and repairs. Their parts are usually low priced and easy to find"

Yes please! Our neighbor in front was lent this exact one for a week and its all i can do not to try and throw it in the back of my car and drive away! i think she purposefully forgets to buy things at the market just so she can drive back on this to get them...

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