Pretty in Pink

Ashley is going to roll his eyes at this one...we have so many mason jars left from our wedding (the best cheap flower vases FYI) and after using some again as vases and some as kitchen canisters, I am not sure what to do with them. But i love them and want to keep them all...i came across so randomly this image of some jars painted hot pink and fell in love...think of them with a candle at the bottom, filled with some homemade treat and given as a gift or just to admire on the dresser top. I immediately contacted the seller for advice on the type of paint and can't wait to get started! hello HOT PINK!


Sam said...

What a wonderful idea! What kind of paint?? When you find out please do share with me.


Sam @PrettyLovely

love in a canoe said...

amazing! i have a slight obsession with mason jars as well and have never thought of painting them. thanks for the tip!

Holly said...

so rad. i did see a tutorial online about dying them the blue vintage color they used to be and wanted to try it. ill have to do a pink one too!