Salt Optics

for the first time in my adult life i have glasses that i eyes are so bad that the lenses are thick and so distort your eyes...and of course the nerdy thick plastic frames that i love only accentuate that (the alternate is thin wire jennifer aniston from friends glasses - no thanks) fact...the only time i wear glasses is in dire emergencies or for reading in bed. but working on a computer all day kills your eyeballs and i need to be able to switch it up. so through a sample sale i scored a killer pair of glasses from Salt, paid a bajillion dollars to put my stupid lenses in them and thought it would be no worries. but the insecurity from a lifetime of ugly glasses stops me at the front door every morning when i think today is the day i will wear them to work. ashley has to sit through the whole routine - "are you sure they look okay" "do i look cute? like honestly, cute?" "like stylish nerd or NERD nerd"... not about anything else do i have such strong would think at 32 you could just throw them on, wink at yourself in the mirror and not give a crap. mm, maybe tomorrow. maybe. they ARE pretty sweet glasses...

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