I HATE when this happens

i saw a girl in trader joes with the most delicious sandals on and while i was staring at them and blocking the entrance in the process i was doing the whole "do i ask, do i REALLY care? will she tell me where they are from, is that make me annoying girl or will she be flattered" and then a woman cleared her throat and embarrassed i walked in and away from the dreamy footwear. now i am stuck searching the internet for them and the shoes that i thought were cute are now a complete obsession...which means i will never find them. they look SORTOF like the elizabeth and james gladiators but much much cuter...just a tan pair of strappy sandals that go from toe to ankle (no toes showing, yeah!) and had little gold rivits going up the top of them...grrrr!

The E and J pair from shopbop. close but not quite. 

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