You Put The Lime in the Coconut...

I am OBSESSED with all smells coconut. But am very picky about the specific smell, it has to be pure unadulterated non-vanilla creamy goodness slightly suntan lotiony but not cheapo coconut perfection. I have probably gone through 1952 bottles of Skin Trip coconut lotion in my life, am looking at one on my desk right now - it is perfection. So i was excited to see a small article about all things coconut in Lucky magazine - here are some of the items they call out, am curious to see if they would pass the test...


DESERT ESSENCE SHOWER GEL (pictured is lotion)

(perfext for shaving)Some others that were recommended were: Organix Split Ends Mender - sounds lovely and i know the conditioner is dreamy smelling, The Body Shop body butter - so delicious but REALLY thick stuff, Philosophy Body Scrub - I realize wow, i really do have a problem - i have at some point lathered, scrubbed, rinsed, fluffed with almost ALL these products and they are GOOD.

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