Sally Singer's Abode

Sally Singer is the fashion news and features director at Vogue and so i was surprised to see her apartment on the Selby looking so...unVogue. happily surprised. her place looks like people actually live in it and seems the perfect place for parents and kids to be comfy and inspired. I love the pantry idea of not having any boxes - just jars and jars of crackers and ingredients. that is how i envision my own one day pantry closet. i also admire her viewpoint on the economy's affect on fashion - that it's a good thing to have women look at all the clothes they have acquired over time and ask “My God — why did I need all this stuff?”. She also thinks that women should "buy less, but buy better . . . the world does not need more things.” I concur. The best thing about a small budget is re-evaluating the things you buy - no more impulse buying that results in random dresses or shoes that still bear the tags months later and never end up worn.

From Fashionologie

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