VS Bathing Suits

I have always been tempted to try a bathing suit from Victorias Secret but i envisioned push up bras and sequins and the slight scent of a stripper (no REAL reason why, just feel that way even though most of the catalog doesn't even slightly whisper stripper) but then i laid out in the sun with my friend Aya, owner of the sweetest and most flattering bikini - it had all the requirements i look for in a suit, flattering to your boobs (lifting without water absorbing padding and not squishing into a uni-boob), comfortable to move around in, and goooood looking. hers had little lace embellishments on a black base with little gold "buttons". I couldn't find that exact one but i have fallen in love with this number - its graceful twists that look delicate but would hold up while romping around in the ocean all day...hmmm.
And on a honeymoon my ideal suit would be impy skimpy get AAALLL the parts tan. Especially after working out for so freakin long...And now going through the whole catalog, i can DEFINTELY find something that falls into that catagory - rowr.

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