I Would Really Like These...

Something about them is so awful it's good. I tried a pair on at urbn and they fit deliciously but since every pair is slightly different, i was disappointed in the wash on the one size of mine they had. There wasn't enough blue on the butt. Odd problem to have but it threw off the look and made your butt not as fantastic as you would like. I know i can make my own so as to have complete control over the proper amount of butt blotches but...yeah, thats not going to happen anytime soon. But there WILL be another visit to a different store. I just like the thought of a white tank or T with these crazy pants and my purple boots.

Man, the more i look at this photo, the more i see how a) the all white butt bad look isn't all in my head and b) how little justice the photos do for the actual pants - ouch!

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