Easter Eggs the Natural Way

My mom and i used to do all kinds of things with eggs - dying them in onion skins to trying to master the Ukranian technique of drawing on them with melted beeswax - you could get so detailed on them! I just was reminded of how fun that was when i came across a post on 3191 Miles Apart and their eggs all dyed with natural veggies and spices. Those rich blues and oranges are so beautiful and poetic - i am going to try some experiments to bring to ashley's parents house for easter - how beautiful would a handful of those look in a little handmade nest? And if they don't turn out exactly how you want you just eat them and move on - i love it!

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Holly said...

love it. yah my mom did this last year using beets and things like that and they were sooo gorgeous. beat the PAAS anyday.