Cross Stitch on Steroids

Although i have not yet mastered cross stitch (i have several failed attempts in a basket at home) this one i think i might be able to attention span is too small for the little guys but this BIG ONE is so beautiful and makes such a statement that i am excited to try it out. Would be perfect to hang up on one our walls as an inexpensive piece of art. I love that the stylist for this shoot thought to blow it up in size, this is my inspiration of the day. now if only i could finish the friggin wedding invites i could get started on this!

Found at Frolic!

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chelsea said...

Glad you like. I had the idea for some kind of needlepoint and then genius Elizabeth Dye thought to blow it up to a huge proportion and she is the one who actually executed it. Kind of makes the photo huh? Glad you like it!!