Be Kind Rewind

I am a little late on this one but Ashley and I caught it on TV the other night...i have watched bits and pieces of Michel Gondry's strange "The Science of Sleep" and really liked "Eternal Sunshine Spotless Whatever Mind" movie...the way that he can bring the most bizarro thoughts and fantasies into reality with bits of vacuum cleaners and boxes and kleenex blows my mind...i think that is the ultimate in design, when you can just let your brain dribble out in different mediums so everyone can have a little peek at the wierdness in your head. And wierdness is a giant plus factor to me, the absence of is a terrible thing. So ANYWAY, we saw this movie and it's very sweet and touching and strange and Mos Def and Jack Black make a pretty funny team and if you have seen the movies that they "swede" it's hilarious Gondry's portrayal of them...Ashley was pretending it was silly for the first 3o minutes but when i looked over he had a big grin on his face and hadn't moved for a long time (a big deal for him).

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