Blue Q at Firefly (huh?)

My new favorite love of a store is in Venice on Abbott-Kiney st - the hipsters of hipville all hang out there and there are tons of furniture stores, little boutiques and funky odds and ends. my favorite little nook being this store called Firefly...just a fun mix of well chosen jewelry, clothing, sandals, baby stuff, books and kitchenish type things. This time in I restrained myself and only bought a little pouch for 7 bucks - by a sweet company named Blue Q. They sell bags made from recycled plastic bottles and grain bags and while i only saw one design, their site boasts several others. Mine has sweet Dick and Jane artwork on it and is the perfect size for stashing all the random papers and slips that end up crushed on the bottom of my purse (so basically i just made up an excuse to buy the bag...) and i love it.

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