Such A Great Idea!

This is the kind of arts and crafts i can get into! I love the idea of using found objects and little bits and pieces that would mean something to you (i think i am going to use a lot of shells and peeeerrrhaps some pink spray paint although ashley might barf) going into a personal project. Not to bite DIRECTLY from this post - but the image of the key is so good i am going to use it for myself...i have always been obsessed with vintage keys but stopped wearing them around my neck because the "is that the key to your heart" lines got REAL old...especially from creepy men. This project is straight from guest blogger kate on designsponge.
The only downfall is that i have nowhere to really make this where he wouldn't be able to watch the whole would be more fun as a surprise i think...hmmm...

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Holly said...

very clever, i like this!