Obama Poster and Story

This is by far my favorite poster of Barack Obama - there is no red white and blue theme, it's a thoughtful humble pose and the style and color is amazing. This was done by Robert James for Women's World Daily (all this from English Muse).

I just finished reading his memoir "Dreams From My Father" published in 1995 about his search for answers living as a man with both black and white parents and trying to feel accepted in either world. He travels to Kenya years after his father has died to learn about that side of his family and to see the land where his people came from. Whether or not you wanted him in office, it is an incredible read from the perspective that this man is our president - to know that the President of the United States can trace his immediate family back to a hut in the sarahas and to learn of his struggle as a black man and his place in the's just so insightful and interesting and powerful. he could not be more different in his past, his background, his spirit, his intentions, his history and his personality than george really is quite amazing.

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