Everything is Going to be Alright

LETS HOPE SO. I saw this through Creature Comforts and it was like a blinking neon sign. I have just committed myself to a date and a place for a wedding and am afraid i bit off more than i can pack into three months give or take. I was awake all last night trying to think of guest lists and how i will set up all this stuff on my own and on and on and on...borderline panicking. So this little sign came along at the perfect time. I am going to frame it and keep in within site in my garage just turned studio. And even though i am a designer and could very well have made this for myself - how thoughtful that someone else has gone to the trouble for me. I have enough to think about with invites/save the dates etc...yipes. But deeeeeeep breath - EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT.

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