Coveted Crate and Barrel Table

Another beautiful post on designspongeonline about lisa wong jackson's home in berkeley...the house itself looks so inviting and filled with fun sunlight but it's the dining room table i am dying for. my mom works at c&b (hi mom) and i have always pined (no pun intead...okay, well maybe, but the table is made of oak) for this gorgous big, chunky and simple table. and it has been styled exactly the way i would like with the bench that matches on one side and miscellaneous chair to round it out...another odd thing out of ashley's mouth though is that he favors dark wood furniture - so funny the things you learn about someone after a handful of years - so who knows if this would fit into our dream home...but seeing as how he has always left the decorating up to me i think the odds are pretty good...

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Anonymous said...

I just purchased this table at a Crate & Barrel Outlet for very little money.

I was going to use it to stage a clients home - My client fell instantly in love with the table and requested that it be moved to her new home and that I find another table to stage the house with!