Shiny Shiny

The land of diamonds is a somewhere i have never ventured. Now i own this breathtaking diamond ring from Tiffany's that i can't take my eyes off...and i am permently polishing and cleaning it (poor ring) because all of a sudden i am OCD about the sparkle. I have never owned such a shiny beautiful ring! Poor ashley - he has no idea what he started. The fact that i get to get ANOTHER ring to go with this one is like Christmas when you are five and you are getting a puppy! Walking into Tiffany's has become like a secret pasttime of mine (well hell, it's right there, it's not like i go out of my way or anything)...the store itself means so much, it has such history and reputation, i feel like Audrey Hepburn, always staring in the windows.

I know it's awful, but i LOVE LOVE going in there and trying on all the wedding bands, it's FUN. Who knew? The two of us were talking about wedding rings the other day and i said i really liked the thin gold band and the way it looked with my ring - a delicate sliver next to a solid band. AND it is "cheap". To my complete amazement, he was shook his head and said he likes the diamonds, that we shoud get the one with the diamonds on top. No idea where that philosophy came from, if you knew ashley you would be blindsided too. But I won't argue with him...sure, ok, let's go with diamonds.

Although shhh i am going to save my pennies and buy the gold band myself - it really is breathtaking. And am i the only person who thinks it's feels slightly strange to always wear the same ring all the time? I think it's good to be able to switch it up - plus i am so paranoid about doing something to ruin this diamond that wearing a band occasionally would make me feel better!

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