Obsessed with Perfumes and Bottles

My love for perfume is more than skin deep - I LOVE the exotic notion of people going into far and remote places for the perfect ingredients, the image of an old velvety room with filled with vials and jars and samples and drawers of odds and ends everywhere and the science of concocting all the different scents (although i am sure it is more laboratory than hidden back room). The bottle is also part of the obsession, the more foreign and beautiful the better...i have a collection of perfumes that i don't even wear, i just love the look of them on a tray on my bureau. This site Lucky Scents has a whole collection of names i can't pronounce and tantalizing descriptions and bottle designs, at the very least i am going to order some samples just to see if they are as dreamy as they sound...

I am very loyal to my favorites - Bulgari Perfume des Mamans and Beach. They are delicious, both separate and together. I think my most favoritest compliment would be "wow - you smell so good!".

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Kailyn said...

These are lovely perfumes for ladies!!